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Backpacking in style with my little one.

There were all sorts of reasons not to begin.  She was tired.  She might fail.  Who in the World Wide Web needs another lifestyle blog?  But she had meaningful – and, even better, trivial – ideas and notes to share.  She was half-crazy with boredom.  Most importantly, she was ready to commit to a new journey.  She’d been an educator, and a damn good one at that, before her baby.  But even as an educator, she possessed an uncommon devotion to high chic.  Her insatiable passion for fashion and beauty, travel and new ideas, had made her a constant source of solicited advice for friends and colleagues (and shamefully emptied her bank account on an all-too-regular basis).  After spending three years at home with her son, outside public schools, reflecting on that work and that life, she slowly realized she was ready to leave that identity – the one of the superstar teacher the students loved, the one of the hardworking teacher coach and administrator – behind.  It didn’t suit her anymore, much like the brightly-patterned pencil skirts and pointy-toe orange pumps she’d donated a few months before.  It was frightening to think of putting to rest a 13-year career, one that brought with it a valuable sense of pride and altruism and two post-graduate degrees.  But she had to be honest with herself – it was time to try the new thing.  And so even though she was tired, and even though she might fail, and even though the last thing the World Wide Web needs is another lifestyle blog, she decided to just begin.

3 thoughts on “The beginning

  1. susan says:

    Very brave, indeed! Glad you’re doing this because I always need style advice and have found your lead a good one to follow. The rompers though — how is a tall girl with a really long waist to enjoy this current fashion trend?!


    1. lissa says:

      Haha – Thanks, Susan! Look for a romper with a drop-waist and/or drawstring waist. You can adjust it. I have this one and I love it because you can adjust where your waist is: Will look fab!


  2. Kyle McDaniel says:

    Glad you’re starting a blog, because I’ll happily read anything you write until the day the earth is swallowed by the sun.


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