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It may be July, but in Colorado we’re experiencing one of the coolest and wettest summers on record.  Rainy weather is something of an exotic treat in this traditionally dry state.  Though I do love the sun, I’m quite content with clouds and grey; I like to imagine I’m hunkered down by candlelight and a waning fire in a small cottage on the English moors, à la Emily Brontë.  For the first in my “What Tempts Me Most” series, a selection of the products I find most tempting to enhance and help me embrace a gloomy day.


Clockwise from top left corner:

1: Molton Brown Black Peppercorn Body Wash ($30)  A spicy, exotic scent that lingers on your skin long after you shower and feels cozy and right in damp weather.

2: Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick in Bronze ($46)  Just because the day is dull doesn’t mean your skin needs to be.  This magic highlighting powder lights up your face with a subtle glow that isn’t sparkly at all.  And though the tone is “bronze”, it warms your complexion rather than tanning it.

3: Gaelic Storm, Special Reserve ($5.99)  I go for the full Irish weather ambience with music by Gaelic Storm.  Their rockin’ tunes will have you dancing on the dreariest of days.  If you ever have a chance to see these guys live, DO IT!  So much fun.

4: Marmot Minimalist Rain Jacket ($200)  This jacket is Gore-Tex, so it is lightweight and repels water.  It’s not a fancy Burberry trench, but so easy to wear and comes it great colors.  Unlike other sporty rain coats I have owned, the women’s Marmot is fitted and flattering.

5: Aimless Love by Billy Collins ($16.85)  Reading verse by Billy Collins is a treat, and in the midst of a busy day a poem delivers a quick jolt of peace and intellectual exercise.

6: Diptyque Géranium Rosa ($60)  Diptyque candles are the absolute best, and worth every penny.  This fresh Mediterranean scent is a reminder that yes, indeed, you are in the season of warm sun and intoxicating florals, and yes, indeed, you’ll be enjoying them again soon.

7: Le Chameau Vierzon Jersey Rain Boots ($200)  The perfect olive color and 100% waterproof when it’s really coming down.  Plus, Kate Middleton wears this brand of boots, and what better way to combat a drab day than by channeling a princess?

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