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You know when you’re reading a magazine article about your favorite gorgeous celebrity who seems to never age or suffer skin imperfections of any kind, and the interviewer asks said celebrity what she uses on her skin, and she says something like, “Oh.  I’m a big believer in natural products.  I just drink a lot of water, get a lot of sleep, and use a bit of coconut oil when my skin gets dry.”

Seriously?  That’s b.s.  Nobody gets by with that program unless they’re like, 17.  I’m not coy like that.  I’m constantly looking for the next best skin miracle, and I will share with you here all of the best things I find (as long as you promise to share with me, too).


{No makeup on any of us: At Devil’s Thumb Ranch in Winter Park, CO, post-yoga and in the wind with my gorgeous college girlfriends who, come to think of it, might actually only use coconut oil on their faces.  But this article isn’t about them.  It’s for the rest of us.}

One other thing to know about me is I never put my trust in a single product line.  Think about it: how can one company possibly fulfill all of my needs?  I’m all about picking the best from every source.  And one of the best skincare sources I know is Colorado’s own Sanitas Skincare.  Sanitas products are paraben-free, preservative-free, and created solely with active, biogenic ingredients (“biogenic”=substances found naturally in biology and in the skin).  You can read more about their philosophy here.  I’ve tried quite a few products from the line – but I will be devastated if they ever stop selling three specific products.


1: Lemon Cream Cleanser ($29): I love a good, satisfying cleanser with a lot of lather, but this wash doesn’t lather a lot.  It really is a cream, which I’ve never been a fan of, except for in this particular product.  It’s a dream: gentle yet super effective, brightens and tones the skin, keeps everything in balance.  I rotate it with a few other cleansers, but I’m always excited when I use the Lemon Cream and am tempted to fully commit to it – if only I was that kind of girl.

2: Therapeutic Cleansing Pads ($18): There are times one needs cleansing pads with a little oomph – perhaps you’re experiencing a breakout, perhaps you’re camping in the woods without water for your cleanser and Clarisonic (as I was this past weekend), perhaps you just finished a run or a hot yoga class.  These pads are the ultimate – like a Stridex for grownups, they contain salicylic acid to combat clogged pores but they are gentle and nourishing to your skin.  If I get a little breakout, I use these pads on the spot after my usual cleanser.  And, I used to stress out when I was camping or boating because I’d slather on a bunch of sunscreen and have no way to clean it all off before jumping in a sleeping bag – this nips my worries in the bud and keeps things stable until I get home to my usual routine.

3: Vita C Serum ($90): Did I say there were 3 products I couldn’t live without?  Because actually, if hard pressed, I’d tell you there is just one – the Vita C serum.  I know Vitamin C protects your skin from toxins and sun damage and all that, but those benefits sound far in the future for me.  I need immediate gratification.  This serum fills both of those needs.  It brightens, smooths away wrinkles, and gives your skin a little glow.  It keeps you just the right amount of moisturized.  I apply it while my skin is still damp (not wet) so I can better rub it in, and then apply moisturizer.  You only need a few drops, so a bottle lasts nearly a year – maybe more.  It’s a miracle worker.  When I try to skip it one day, thinking it’s too expensive and I’m imagining its benefits, I spend the whole day looking in the mirror and wondering what went wrong.  I’m telling you – this stuff is the best.

Here’s my last secret: I linked these products to the Dermstore web site for purchasing.  I almost always order from Dermstore because their products are authentic, and if you create an account and add the product to your “favorites” page you get 10% off the purchase price.  That’s IF you have to pay full price for an item – they’re always running killer sales.

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