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Every year, I lament how quickly summer passes.  When I’m over scheduled and tired, I wonder why I committed to yet another party, another concert, another cocktail with friends.  It seems we race from event to event, and before I know it, cold winds are blowing in and leaves begin to change.  I can’t help it – I feel like I am cheated by summer.  This week, as we took our son camping, welcomed an old friend who now lives in Thailand to stay with us, attended an outdoor concert in the neighborhood and celebrated our son’s birthday, I realized part of the reason summer seems to fly by so fast is because I am having so much fun.  Instead of complaining about our commitments I disciplined myself to celebrate the connections and the people who make my summer life so full.


Drinks on the patio with girlfriends

Camping with my favorite guys

Wearing this fun, Mexican-inspired shirt out to fiesta with friends

Finn and Tim at the neighborhood concert

The neighborhood concert scene on a gorgeous Colorado summer evening

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