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Ask anyone who knew me in high school or college, and they will confirm I was a ridiculously geeky lover of the mix tape.  This obsession evolved into the CD mix, which was even more fun, because I could decorate the CD with multicolored Sharpie markers and thematic pictures.  It’s sort of embarrassing how many hours of my adolescence were spent tediously ordering and shifting songs, attempting to capture the perfect progression of tunes.  Music has been a passion of mine since before I knew how to create my own “albums” – my father, an electrical engineer by trade, also played guitar and banjo, and was a member of numerous bands in his youth and when he went to Colorado State University.  My dad and I were never close in the traditional sense, but when I listened to music with him, I felt bonded to him, and safe.  For me, a moment isn’t complete without the ambience of the perfect soundtrack.  I created this playlist for summer outdoor listening, whether you’re in the mountains or just want to channel that vibe.  You’ll need Spotify, which of course you have, because it’s awesome and free!  Three of the songs are by Colorado bands (Dovekins, The Lumineers, and The Samples), and all capture, for me, the cool, adventurous and carefree spirit that’s induced when you’re living the high life in the hills.

One thought on “Mountain Music

  1. Ashley Broer says:

    LOVE the play list. Today is my first day back to work after an incredible summer vacation (sigh!) and this is exactly what I needed to get back in the groove. Thank you!!


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