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Quite unexpectedly, I’ve recently learned I’ll be attending a bevy of special events next month.  Since I normally live in workout clothes or cutoffs, I get quite excited at the prospect of dressing up for an evening out.  I’m on the hunt for a classic look with a twist – something that makes me feel modern and special, but an outfit I’ll wear again to a variety of places.  Here are a few of my top contenders:


1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5

I must confess the Tibi number is a frontrunner, though I know the white color would make me nervous and the price point is not for the parsimonious.  Luckily, my big nights won’t start rolling in until midway through August, so I have some time before I commit!  What’s your favorite?  Where’s your go-to destination (online or otherwise!) to shop for a party frock?

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