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I’m always trying natural skin care products, but usually I am disappointed by the results.  I know I’m not supposed to load up my skin with chemicals, but I can’t help it – my vanity wins every time, and I go for performance over ingredients (unless we’re talking about sunscreen, when the natural works just as well, thankfully).  One day, I read an interview with Jenna Lyons, whose style and beauty advice I’ll follow almost without question (you too, right?).  She said when she used Arcona’s Brightening Gommage before a birthday party she attended with her son, one of her fellow moms commented on how great her skin looked.  This random endorsement was enough for me to purchase the Brightening Gommage – and luckily, Jenna was right.  This stuff’s amazing.  I use in the morning, and it brightens, tightens and clarifies my skin, leaving it with a delectable minty sensation after rinsing.  I love the Gommage so much, I researched a bit more about the Arcona line, and learned the Gommage is designed to be used the morning after the company’s Gentle Solution, an overnight treatment product that refines, retexturizes and exfoliates skin.  Adding in the Gentle Solution kicked up the results a notch, and now I use the products together twice a week.  I especially like this duo in the summertime, when I want a little exfoliating oomph after spending lots of time outdoors and in the sun, sweaty with lots of sunscreen; or when I’m traveling, as I am right now!  I’m not a convert to natural products, but I happily use this pair of wonder treatments.

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