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As I wrote on Wednesday, we are heading into my favorite time of year.  Though I eagerly anticipate fall, I’m scrambling to squeeze out every last drop of summer merriment I can find.  Filling our week with fun activities took the sting out of post-vacation blues (details on our Montana trip coming to the blog next week!).  A few of the things making me especially grateful this week:

My husband:


I told my husband I wanted to attempt a style post for this blog, and asked him to be my photographer.  Now, Tim is a stylish dude, but he is by no means a style blog connoisseur.  I pulled up some sample sites for him to peruse, and he did so, quite gamely and without the slightest bit of teasing, while I went upstairs to get all dolled up and photographed on a Sunday afternoon.  He was encouraging and experimental while taking photographs, making as many as he could and reminding me to relax.  When it was all said and done, I had more than enough photos for my post.  Then, Tim turned to me and said, “You don’t have to work so hard to look gorgeous, you know.”  In the sweetest, most sincere way possible.  I know the Internet style blog culture is to get glossed up like a supermodel and then act like a street style star who isn’t noticing a horde of photographers snapping away across the street.  But also, I like seeing how real girls wear awesome clothes to do cool things.  Either way, the experience was fun and we will probably continue to try it out on some level.  But I’m so thankful to have a guy who, while encouraging me, also keeps it real.

Another Red Rocks show with good friends:


Nature Nuts with my favorite little nut:


We live about 10 minutes from Lookout Mountain Nature Center, where they host free programs about wildlife for all ages.  Their series specifically for 3-5 year olds is called Nature Nuts, and Finn and I went to “Beaks and Bills” this week to learn all about Colorado birds.  He made a duck mask and had a blast, and I was grateful for the millionth time that we are lucky enough to live in such an amazing place.



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