Mountain Chic

Reflections and observations on culture, food, style and travel

On this trip to Montana, Finn went fishing with his dad for the first time.

Though Finn and Tim caught only one small fish, Finn loved checking out the worms purchased as bait.

Our favorite activities in Montana, however, other than visiting Glacier National Park, were hiking Holland Falls and boating Flathead Lake.


They tell you not to go chasing waterfalls, but this effort was well worth it.  Holland Falls, about an hour by car from Bigfork, is a 3-mile out and back hike with a steady incline and spectacular views of mountains and lakes.  A large waterfall greets you at the summit of the trail.  Though bears are known to be a consistent sight on the trail, we weren’t lucky enough to encounter one.

Finn had never been on a boat before, so we promised him we’d take him this trip.  We picked up sandwiches at a deli in town, rented a pontoon boat for the afternoon, and cruised around Flathead Lake.






Thus concludes our Montana round-up!  In case you missed it, you can check out my first two posts about our trip here and here.  Our trip was everything a family vacation should be: full of adventure, good food, but most importantly, lots of quality time with each other.

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