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As I was debating which flares to purchase for fall, I couldn’t help but notice some divinely covetable items at my favorite shops. If money were no object, I’d have no problem paying sky-high prices for high fashion.  I adore travel and know investing my money there results in more permanent, legitimate happiness.  Nevertheless, it may be superficial and nonsensical, but with limitless money, I’d probably spend it all on clothes and accessories.  Now, I have no complaints, as I already know I spend way too much money on my clothes as it is, and I have nowhere near a true fashionista’s budget.  Still, a girl can dream.  One of my favorite activities is to bookmark and Pinterest items that are completely out of my reach budget-wise, and keep my eye out for less expensive (but not always cheap!) knockoffs inspired by originals.  Nobody I know and see on a daily basis really knows the brand of my shoes or how much I paid for them, but I know – and being a part of that rarefied fashion world is part of the gimmick, part of the allure, part of the fantasy.  Here’s what I would order tomorrow if I happened upon a small fortune.  Note my obvious weakness for camel and grey this season!


Clockwise from top left corner:

Preen / Mansur Gavriel / Barbara Bui / Christian Dior / Tibi / Stella McCartney / Christian Louboutin / Burberry (embroidered with my initials, obvi)

What are you coveting for fall?

One thought on “What Tempts Me Most: Fashion Fantasies

  1. JAMES M JOYCE M says:

    Hi Lissa,

    Love the cape, gray dress and jacket, all would look awesome on you. You really have a fashion sense Lissa. Nice job today. j


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