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Hello there!  This week I took a bit of a breather from writing to focus on a couple of transitions in our family: my son started preschool, and I celebrated another birthday.  But don’t worry, because although I’ve been gone, I certainly haven’t forgotten about this blog, and I have a few posts I can’t wait to share with you in the coming weeks.  In the meantime, here are some of the moments I am most grateful for from the past week.


{Balloon attack on the first day of preschool}

MePageDeb{Adult night out at Denver’s Avanti with good friends in this rad Zimmermann dress}


{Best quote spotted on Instagram this week – a philosophy after my own heart}

ClosetCleanout{Unusual birthday activity: shoe organization.  I’m more verbal than visual so descriptions, instead of photos, work for me}


{So long, summer: For Finn’s last day of summer vacation, we visited the Denver Zoo to view the Art With Lego Bricks exhibit – here you see a Lego leopard.}

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