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If I had the time and the resources, I’d travel the world nonstop.  When I was a teacher and before I had a child, I traveled every time I had a break from school, spending entire summers in Europe and Central America.  I absolutely love experiencing new places and different societies: the history, the culture, and, especially, the FOOD.


{Street food in Guatemala}


{Herbal liqueurs in Amsterdam}


{First bowl of posole in Mexico, circa 2004}

My husband and I still travel as much as we can, but our lives are much different than when we first met ten years ago as teachers and could spend months at a time outside the country.  While we’re in this life stage, I’m constantly seeking opportunities to experience that same little thrill of discovery I had in Vienna or Prague or Antigua, encouraging myself to find the exotic and unknown in the everyday.  So I was super excited to subscribe to Try the World, a service that delivers unique little edible delights to your door every other month, highlighting a new country in each package.

A New York couple conceived Try The World, and the idea was born from the same desires I’ve just described: a passion for travel and culture and food that begs to be satisfied even when one is homebound.


This month, Try the World sent us a Japan box.  We’ve also received boxes of goodies from Argentina and France.  I love opening the boxes with Finn.  There is a palpable mixture of excitement, wonder and curiosity each time we unpack that turquoise box in our kitchen.  We take the time to talk about each country – how the foods are different, how the language looks different printed on the packages.

Try The World sends a descriptive card with the items, as well as an awesome booklet with information about a country’s culture and recipes you can create with the items in the box.

Full disclosure: I haven’t actually created any of the recipes offered from Try The World.  My favorite part of the service so far are the sweet treats included in each shipment: an outrageous jar of Dulce De Leche from Argentina that my husband and I polished off in one night, spreading it atop butter cookies; Miel de Fleurs honey from France; Morinaga Milk Caramels from Japan.  Finn, a gummy connoisseur, finished the bag of peach gummy candies that came in the Japan box within 24 hours.  Thankfully, Try The World also offers all of their foods through the shop on their website – so once we’re hooked, at least we can replenish.

We can’t wait to see where in the world we’ll be eating next!  Check it out!

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