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{Sporting Esprit and Benetton with high school best friends Kari and Jill, at a Red Rocks show, circa 1990.  Bringing in our own 3.2 beer.  In juice jugs.  Of course.}

I don’t want to brag or anything, but in high school, I was actually a pretty good kid.  I was involved in activities, I was a cheerleader, I enrolled in Honors and AP classes, I didn’t really get in any big trouble (well, except for the time I totaled my first car, but that’s another story).  I was a spaz for sure, but weren’t most people in high school?  I did, however, engage in a bit of mischief with my bffs, Kari and Jill.  There was a liquor store in a “sketchy” area of Denver (an area that is now hip, exorbitantly overpriced and full of old homes that have been completely renovated with popped tops), operated by a very kind Chinese couple who didn’t speak English and never checked IDs.  That was where everyone went to buy their alcohol for the weekends.  These weekends usually consisted of riding around in cars, playing music by New Order, The Cure, Erasure and Depeche Mode.  We listened to all kinds of music, but many nights definitely had a New Wave feel – this was, after all, the early ’90s.  We drove by boys’ houses we liked while we wondered where they were and what they were doing (this is definitely before the word “stalker” entered into the popular lexicon).  We didn’t have cell phones, let alone Facebook – where people were hanging out was a mystery.  Occasionally, though, there would be a big, exciting party, and we’d get there with plenty of time to hang out before the cops showed up because of noise complaints.  On these nights, my friends and I would split a 6-pack of Coors Light to experiment and have fun but also to mollify our teenage discomfort and immaturity.  Recently I came across a photo from those days, and I’ve been thinking a lot about those nights and that time in my life, which inspired the following playlist of songs I created on Spotify to take me right back to those moments.  It’s a good one – enjoy!  (Sorry about the pic, Kari & Jill!  Love you!)

One thought on “Playlist: Songs I Drank Coors Light To

  1. Jill says:

    I can’t be mad about pure joy! I love that feeling of pure freedom and happiness. I love you included punk rock girls! Your memories are a bit tamer then mine 🙂


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