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{Dress: M Missoni; Coat and Boots: Rag & Bone}

I’ve always worn lots of color, but never much red specifically.  Yet red is everywhere this fall – especially in fetching jewel-tone shades like burgundy, merlot, garnet and claret.  Recently, I purchased on this M Missoni dress, and I haven’t experienced a single moment of buyer’s remorse.  I’ve already worn this dress with wedges, platform heels, and knee-high boots, and opted for black booties for these photos.  I love it on its own when it’s warm outside, but it also works under a fab leather coat or can be layered over a thin turtleneck or long sleeve shirt in the winter.  Of course I agonize over big-ticket clothing items, but I also think about how much use – and joy – I’ll get from a single purchase.  To me, an expensive dress I can wear again and again in multiple ways is a far better investment than a less-pricey item I’ll wear only once or twice.

2 thoughts on “I’ll Have The Merlot

  1. Amanda Bella says:

    What a great dress!! Definitely a good investment – so versatile! XO


    1. Christina says:

      I’m the girl always I’m black, but hen I do wear color, Red always feels good! Love the dress!

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