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Classy.  Streamlined.  Elegant.  Intuitive.  Essential.  Steve Jobs recognized and illuminated the modern and indispensable when the rest of us were stuck in more traditional, complicated ways.  His ability to distill and distinguish the necessary, and his genius for branding and marketing, allowed us to focus on experience and interaction; he inspired people all over the world, irrespective of nationality or culture.


I’m speaking, of course, about the late Mr. Jobs’ omnipresent black turtleneck.  What did you think I was talking about?






Turtleneck: Equipment; Jeans: Citizens of Humanity; Boots: Derek Lam 10 Crosby

There are many things I admire about Steve Jobs and all of my devices are Apple, but his dedication to a signature style is one of the qualities I respect most.  Every time I struggle with what to wear to an event (or, let’s be honest, to Whole Foods), I always consider how adopting a simple signature style would save me so much time and eliminate so much unnecessary thinking.  And then, inevitably, I think about what kinds of cool things I could be thinking about if I wasn’t planning an outfit.  Maybe a life-changing technological device?

I’ve always been into turtlenecks, especially in black and navy, and I’m wholeheartedly embracing their “reentry” into high fashion.  I actually think turtlenecks complement petite women like me – a neck elongation, like those women with gorgeously stretched necks in National Geographic.  The turtleneck is an ideal companion for this season’s flared jeans and chunky wedges – the epitome of simple 70’s style.  I thought about adding a cool necklace or belt or coat to this ensemble for the post, until I speculated: What would Steve Jobs do?  He’d be busy dedicating himself to things that matter, not deliberating over accessories.

This Equipment turtleneck is a fantastic sweater staple, but I also own and love this black turtleneck as well as this one.



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