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Ah, the knee-high boot.  I confess, I’ve been so carried away by the flares and booties situation this fall (as seen here, here and here) that I kind of forgot about knee-high and riding boots.  In fact, I wondered if I was finished with them for good.


All hail Sienna Miller wearing knee-high boots in a Mario Testino photograph from Vogue, January 2015. What’s good enough for Sienna is obviously more than good enough for me.

But then I remembered: winter is coming (Hallelujah!  Ski season!), and my cute heeled booties and flared jeans that will inevitably drag in the snow and mud in January won’t cut it the same way they do when it’s 60 degrees and sunny in October.  In addition, Porter, the magazine produced by and my ultimate fantasy fashion bible, included a multi-page spread this season highlighting covetable riding boots with everything from pants to flowy floral dresses – basically serving as a warning to me that riding boots weren’t quite finished yet.  Plus, my husband and I are planning a big trip next week to Europe, where we will be walking a lot.  I do have a pair of knee-high boots I love, but they have a small heel, and they are quite precious to me: both characteristics that me want to leave them at home.  It will come as no surprise to the readers who know me personally that I own practically no flat shoes of any kind, other than my beloved running shoes.  This past fall I bought one pair of loafers, and it was revolutionary for my closet.  So, I embarked on an epic search for flat, knee-high boots that needed to possess the following:

  • Comfortable, sturdy sole
  • Fitted calf, so they can be worn under bootcut jeans if necessary
  • More dressy than casual so they can be worn with skirts or dresses as easily as jeans
  • Absolutely no Western flair of any kind
  • Preferably glossy black, though a weatherproof suede would suffice

Check out my finalists below – do you have a favorite?  And stay tuned for pics next week or follow me on Instagram to see the boots I chose in action – in Prague!


1: Prada / 2: Ahnu / 3: La Canadienne / 4: Louise et Cie / 5: Rag & Bone


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