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Happy hour in Aspen.

This month, I was lucky enough to join a group of girls from my neighborhood for a weekend jaunt to Snowmass, Colorado.


View from the deck of the condo.

We moved into our house about 2 years ago, and there are lots of young families around.  What I couldn’t be sure about, though, until we were actually here, is whether I would find kindred spirits in our new location.  I loved our old house, but there were hardly any children or even people our age in that neighborhood, and I watched with envy as many of my close friends, who’d had kids before we did and so caught on to the value of being around people in similar life situations, formed instant best friendships with all kinds of new girls.  I can hardly believe my great fortune that in our new neighborhood there are all kinds of amazing women, including the three I traveled with to the mountains.


Dinner at Hotel Jerome

These women are super fun but also they inspire me: one is a former business superstar who is as nerdy about books as I am, and who put herself through college and now is an amazing mom to two young girls; one is a CPA who works full-time while actively mothering two young boys and managing to be one of the craftiest, creative people I know; and one is a doctor and a mom who is also the most self-effacing, humble, easygoing and fun person ever.  We see each other all the time, but getaways are special, because you get to know people in different ways – in some of the ways your high school or college friends knew you and harassed you for – for example, on this trip, these girls discovered my massive collection of lip glosses and lipsticks (well-known to my friends who grew up with me), and didn’t cease teasing me about it for quite some time.


The incriminating collection of lipsticks

It was no small feat for us to pull off this weekend away, but I’m so glad we did.  I’m the kind of person who likes to keep my friends forever – I’m still in touch with my childhood best friend of 40 years, and my high school best friend I’ve known since I was 14.  As I get older, it can become more difficult to form close bonds with people – you have a lot less time to socialize and your focus is on work and family more often than happy hour.  So I’m filled with gratitude when life opens doors to new friendship – it enriches my heart, fills me with happiness, and keeps me young (ish).  It’s worth it to move mountains to go to the mountains with girlfriends.

One thought on “On Friendship

  1. Katie says:

    Next time you are in Aspen / Snowmass, call me! We just moved to Basalt last April!


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