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At the time this post is published in the early Monday morning hours in the States, my husband and I will be landing in Prague, Czech Republic, in the early afternoon!   Right now, we are finishing the (epic) task of “packing light” for Europe in cold weather.  One must be chic yet comfortable, making the right pair of boots extremely important.  One also must plan the airplane outfit carefully for an overnight flight – I want to be comfortable and warm, but not sloppy.  I’m thinking a version of this outfit:


I’m also gathering my essentials for on-airplane comfort.  First up – check out these rad travel slippers from Baffin:


I purchased the bootie version for myself and the regular slippers for my husband.  I was motivated to search for slippers like these when I reflected on overnight flights of the past – my feet are always freezing, so I bring fluffy socks, but then I feel weird shuffling around in them when I get up.  I also want slippers in my hotel room, but when I pack slippers from home, it’s almost like packing another pair of shoes – and that takes up way too much precious packing space!  These slippers are so awesome – totally lightweight, puffy like a sleeping bag, easy to stuff in your carry-on and then luxurious to enjoy at your destination.


Other than obvious on-board essentials, I also pack a few items that make the flight much more comfortable.  From left to right:

1 – Purpose Gentle Cleansing Cloths: Purpose soap is my favorite drugstore beauty purchase of all time, and these cloths offer the same gentle, clean results sans water.  I don’t wear makeup on overnight flights but I still feel grimy – cleansing cloths to the rescue!

2 – Ear Plugs: So it’s a little-known fact about me that I actually wear ear plugs every single night.  I sleep with my kid’s baby monitor turned up on high so I can hear it over the plugs.  So bringing ear plugs on a flight is a no-brainer.

3 – Melatonin: Well, duh.  We’re turning our schedule upside down, so I’m going to try to sleep as much as possible on the plane.  I’m also exhausted from being up in the night with my toddler who had nightmares after Halloween, which I think works better than melatonin.

4 – Cabeau Evolution Pillow: I think I spent too much money on these pillows for my husband and me, but truly a travel pillow like this is essential.  I hope these pillows deliver – it’s our inaugural journey with them.  They are softer and more plush than any other ($15) travel pillow I’ve used so far.

5 – Bose QuietComfort Noise Cancelling Headphones: I bought a pair of these for my husband when he flew to China a couple of years ago, and he’s sworn by them ever since.  I’ve been jealous of him on every flight we take together, but haven’t bought a pair myself – until now.  I can’t wait to check them out.

6 – Yuli Metamorphic Elixir: I always thought toner was a waste of money, snake-oil-type sales pitch. Until Yuli.  Their products are innovative and all-natural, and their toners are my favorite.  I use the Panacea Elixir on a daily basis, and bring this more moisturizing Metamorphic Elixir on flights.  A light mist of the toner pre-serum or moisturizer helps you use less of your other products and makes your skin softer and more youthful.  I wouldn’t believe it, either – but if you’re intrigued, you should definitely try it.

7 – Conair Travel Smart Power Bank Charger: I’ve loaded up my iPhone with music and Podcasts, and want to be sure I’ll have power for the entire flight.

8 – Sebastian Dry Clean Only dry shampoo: My absolute favorite dry shampoo is Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Dry Shampoo, but they were sold out of the travel size when I raced to Ulta at the last minute.  This was on sale for $5 – let’s see how it performs!

4 thoughts on “In Flight Essentials

  1. Wow! I’m leaving for a trip Wednesday and your pack looks similar to mine. I wish I had those booties though… I do have a giant poncho style blanket with a compression bag that makes it tiny in its place.

    Now I’m checking ulta to test out your favorite dry shampoo if they have minis at my location. I have a gift card and I’m always searching for one better than what I use!


    1. lissa says:

      Thanks for your comments and for reading! I used the Living Proof dry shampoo on my clean hair right before I left for the airport – and I couldn’t believe it, but my hair stayed awesome through the entire journey and even out to dinner in Prague tonight. So you can use it preventively too and not worry about it on the plane. It’s the BEST!


  2. Bee says:

    Hi!! Love your blog! New follower & added you on to my bloglovin feed too!! How did you like the travel pillow and booties on your trip? I added this post to a Pinterest board I have for travel and those are two items I may purchase for future travel! Have a great Thankagiving!! ✨✌🏼️


    1. lissa says:

      Hi Bee! Welcome, and thanks for reading! You are so right – I should have followed up with how my products performed! I LOVED the booties, and my husband loved his slippers, too. Oddly, our flight out was exceptionally warm – that never happens – but the slippers were still so comfy and I used them in the hotel, too. I confess I wasn’t a huge fan of the travel pillow, even though it was expensive and highly rated. I found it difficult to maneuver and it was especially awkward with my headphones. It also took up more room in my bag than I would like, even though you can roll it up. I was wishing I had my old travel pillow, which is this inflatable fleece one from Eagle Creek: Some reviewers on the site complain about the pillow leaking, but I’ve had mine forever and never had a problem. Thanks again for reading and Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!


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