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{In the Old Town Square, right before we walked home to our hotel on our last night in Prague.  Outfit details: Rag & Bone jacket; White & Warren scarf; IRO skirt; Prada boots}


{View of Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and Vltava River from the top of the Old Town Bridge Tower}



Evenings in Prague were particularly exciting for me on this trip.  As I mentioned, I traveled to Prague before, but I was a young, solo woman, and didn’t feel comfortable going to bars or places like that by myself.  I’d eat an early dinner, and wander the cobblestone streets before heading home.  But this time, I was with my husband and his co-workers and their wives, since the premise for this trip was a conference for Tim’s work.  Plus, Tim and I found ourselves without our toddler son for 6 nights in a row in an awesome European city — score!  So we maximized evening exploring and dining and drinking – and it was a blast.



{Sausages, dumplings and Pilsner Urquell at Lokal}


{Pretzels and beer at Restaurace Mincovna}




{One of our favorites: Restaurant Zvonice}



{Another favorite: U Modré Kachničky (The Little Blue Duck)}

Traditional Czech food is heavy: carb-happy dumplings (often with sausage or bacon) alongside sausages, hot dogs, pork knuckle, short ribs and more.  Of course, some places put a more modern spin on this cuisine than others, and though it didn’t mean the meals were any healthier, they were certainly more interesting and delicious.  Our favorite dinner of the trip was at Restaurant Zvonice, a rustic, charming place on the 7th and 8th floors of the Jindrisská Tower, which still boasts the original wooden beams and bell from the early 16th century.  Tim’s business partner’s wife found the restaurant while she wandered the streets, and booked us a table on the spot.  What an amazing discovery!  Here I ordered venison in a pistachio crust, with green beans and pumpkin puree, while Tim ate a spicy wild game ragout with bacon dumplings on the side.  Health food, people, health food.  On our last night, Tim’s company hosted a celebratory dinner at U Modré Kachničky (The Little Blue Duck), and that meal was outstanding, too.  Lokal and Restaurace Mincovna were more casual yet fun and delicious.


{La Bottega Bistroteka – photo credit: Restaurant Homepage}

When I just couldn’t stomach another sausage, La Bottega Bistroteka was a savior.  It’s a little Italian market/restaurant/wine bar, and I would have returned there every single night if Tim would have let me.  I didn’t even photograph our food because I was so happy and relieved to see the homemade burrata, house-cured meats and Italian wines that I devoured it all immediately.


That’s not to say I couldn’t find good Czech wine (I’ll seek out good wine anywhere).  This Habánské Sklepy Zweigelt Barrique was a favorite, containing all of my favorite flavors in red wine: chocolate, cherries and spice.


We hit the super-touristy shopping quarter in Wenceslas Square one night, where I made the only purchase for myself in Prague: this awesome arctic fox fur hat I took to calling my babushka.  I believe a babushka is actually a head scarf, but I felt fairly authentically Eastern European while wearing this, so the name stuck.  It’s so warm and cozy – I’m willing colder weather in Colorado so I can wear this all the time.



{Sunset strolling on our last evening}


{Nighttime on the Charles Bridge.  I know we look ghostly but I love the photo too much to leave it out.}


Other favorite evening activities?  One night, we climbed to the top of the Old Town Bridge Tower at the end of the Charles Bridge for a stunning nighttime view.  I shot a few of the landscape photos in this post from the top of the tower.  We attended an opera performance at the National Theatre, a breathtaking venue where we felt like we stepped back in time (and, considering the opera we could attend was a depressing Russian piece there were moments where we felt like time actually stopped.  We left at halftime without shame.).


How I already miss strolling these streets…

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