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Holiday party season is here!

And you know what that means…


Holiday party attire!



{Jumpsuit: Self-Portrait; Shoes: Aquazzura}

I’ve stated my love for the one-piece on this blog on a few occasions (like here and here), and this party season that spark shows no signs of waning.  I’m attending a variety of events over the next several weeks: a fashion show, multiple holiday parties, dinners with friends, a big birthday party and a benefit gala.  This Self-Portrait jumpsuit is dressy yet edgy enough to be acceptable at all of these gatherings, and it is unique enough that I’ll love wearing it over and over again as a signature piece this season.


I’m super obsessed with this new line, Self-Portrait, although finding the right fit for this jumpsuit was a pride-swallowing affair.  I do most of my shopping online, but thankfully I tend to be the same size almost all the time.  In this case, I sent back my usual size AND one size larger, eventually going up two sizes to make this baby work (through that process, though, I did find the jumpsuit on a special deal for $100 off – score!).  The zipper is a bit of a challenge in the back, especially when you’re maneuvering it yourself all night, plus the lace on the bodice is quite revealing; so I didn’t want anything too tight.  I think the multiple orders and returns were worth it, though after reviewing these photos I did take the jumpsuit to my tailor to have the pants shortened for my next wearing.  I mean, wouldn’t you want to show off these shoes?


These heels are high but I swear they are comfortable – unbelievably so.  I’ve suffered for fashion quite a bit in the past (or present – see my jumpsuit story, just above), but I’ve cut out uncomfortable shoes – and thank God these cutouts are comfy, chic and sexy.  I’ve worn them with everything from dresses to jeans, and they’re perfect for this jumpsuit, too!

Try a fun jumpsuit as an alternative to the usual cocktail dress.  I’m super into this one (would look amazing on its own or with a leather jacket or fur shawl), this one for a sexy play on one of winter 2015/spring 2016 hottest colors – pink, this gorgeous navy one or this awesome tuxedo one.


One thought on “Party Time. Excellent.

  1. Mike Rollin says:

    AYFKM? Spectacular.


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