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Holiday season is upon us.  The food.  The wine.  The treats.


{Just a small sampling of the deliciousness recently purchased to consume on Thanksgiving Day}

Man, do I love it all.  And it’s tough, because as you’ve witnessed on this blog, I also love my clothes, and while I do care about health, a prime motivator for me in maintaining my weight is looking good and fitting into my clothes.  It may sound superficial.  Maybe it is superficial.  But it’s who I am.


{Selfie in my favorite Herve Leger dress which I wore to my 40th birthday party and which I keep close in my phone to remind me what is possible when I just back away from the 2nd helping and the chocolate.}

But back to the health thing.  I dislike feeling too full, feeling off balance from too much sugar or alcohol or cheese. I’d like to say I’m always disciplined enough to love those items in moderation, but alas, I’m also not always moderate about my wine or my sugar.  Hence my diligent workout routine, AND this best of the best cleansing smoothie right here.



I first read about this smoothie on the Kimberly Snyder blog.  She is a nutritionist and an expert at stuffing a zillion good-for-you ingredients into an easy delivery method, like a smoothie or a soup.  I drink this smoothie frequently for lunch, especially in seasons of excess.  Though you don’t add any protein powder, this drink is incredibly filling – and I like that, because while I’ll use protein powder occasionally I prefer getting nutrients from whole foods.  You know another amazing time for this smoothie?  When you want to cure a hangover.  When I drink this regularly, my skin looks better and I feel awesome – and my cravings for indulgences are fewer.

My 3-year-old loves and devours this drink.  He requests this smoothie.  He loves helping me make it, and he loves to drink it, too.  So we share it and fight over who gets more.


I think a Vitamix is super useful for a recipe like this.  My Vitamix is my favorite possession.  And that’s saying a lot.

Here’s what you need (all ingredients preferably organic, obvi, but you do the best you can):

  • 1-2 cups fresh filtered water
  • 1/2 to full head romaine lettuce, chopped
  • 2-4 sticks celery, chopped
  • 1 apple, chopped
  • 1 pear, chopped
  • As much spinach as you can handle
  • The juice of 1/4 to 1/2 lemon
  • 1 frozen banana (you can use a ripe, regular banana too, but frozen bananas make smoothies into shakes – soooo much better), broken into pieces
  • Ice


1 – Gather your ingredients


2 – Pour water into your Vitamix.  Keep handy a style mag with pics of unrealistically thin and gorgeous celebrities to peruse while you wait for things to blend.


3 – Add chopped romaine to water


4 – Blend the romaine with the water to make a kind of base, and to create more room for the rest of your ingredients


5 – Chop your celery, apple and pear.  Enlist the cutest sous chef you can find to help you add these items to your blender.




6 – Add the spinach on top of the chopped celery and fruit.  Add as much as you like.  We fill up the blender.


7 – Run the blender again to combine the romaine base with the celery, apple, pear and spinach.  Then, squeeze in your lemon juice and add banana.  Throw in a handful of ice cubes if you like smoothies extra cold and creamy. Blend until totally smooth.



And voila!  Enjoy.  Kimberly Snyder suggests starting small with a smoothie like this, drinking half and saving the other half (or sharing it).  I attempted a photo of my son enjoying the smoothie, but he was back in fine 3-year-old form when I shot this picture:


Enjoy the holiday this week, and enjoy finding delicious balance with food, family, friends and YOU!


One thought on “Preemptive Cleansing

  1. Hailey says:

    Love, love everything about this! That Herve Leger dress is amazing on you! I need to try this smoothie, it looks delicious. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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