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{ Coat: Burberry Brit / Sweater: Rag & Bone (from last year, similar here and other ideas below) / Jeans: Paige / Boots: Kork-Ease; Lips: NARS Manhunt }

I love the frivolous and fickle nature of fashion, and I’ve been known to wear some truly interesting ensembles: in middle school, I went to the local skater store and purchased a pair of baggy shorts made out of burlap sacks and lined with fabric that looked like the comics in the newspaper; in high school, I loved a miniskirt that one of my male friends told me looked like it was made entirely of potholders; as a high school English teacher my favorite pair of shoes to wear to work were pointy-toe, neon orange heels that I only quit wearing when the uppers began to separate from the soles.


I mean, I still like to get my sartorial crazy on, but as I get older I focus more on quality items that make ME look good and solicit compliments on my appearance rather than comments on the zaniness or uniqueness of my attire.  I also find it’s more difficult to keep up with the latest thing when I want to invest in well-made clothes and accessories.  I’ll still pick up a dress or something at Forever 21, but I can’t pull off inexpensive trends the way I used to.  And while of course I covet the expensive trends, like this handbag, I don’t want to pay a ton of money for items that I’ll probably lose interest in within a year.  I give in sometimes – you all know I do, you’ve seen parts of my wardrobe – but I’m truly trying to be more conscientious.


I just love the classic color combo of navy, cream and cognac, like you see in the photos here.  This coat by Burberry Brit was an investment, but it’s timeless and gives me a little thrill whenever I wear it.  I wore it constantly in Prague, and it was the best kind of fashion item – looked great with everything but actually kept me warm and comfortable.  I bought this Rag & Bone sweater last winter and it’s on constant repeat during the colder months.  It’s slightly boxy so it’s comfy, but it is cropped, which is key for a petite person like me.  I topped off the look with classic red lips from NARS.  When you rely on quality basics, comfort doesn’t have to mean sloppy.



These flat booties from Kork-Ease are marvelous: so easy to walk in, the perfect color, and low-cut on the ankle, so they’re flattering with skirts and dresses.  The cut on ankle booties can become super important if you’re interested in making your legs look longer (which is really the only thing I’m interested in).

Check out some of the links below to pick up a few classics of your own:

Awesome cream turtleneck sweaters: Frame Denim, Lauren Ralph Lauren

Navy blue coats: Pendleton, J. Crew, and, if you’re living the dream, Saint Laurent (if you can afford it, why wouldn’t you?!)

Caramel flat booties: Aldo, Dieppa Restreto

3 thoughts on “Kickin’ It Old School

  1. ramexa says:

    Love the outfit! So simple yet so chic!


    1. lissa says:

      Thank you! Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

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