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{ I owned an Hermes bracelet similar to this Tiffany one, and when I lost it, I was heartbroken.  The web site says this piece is for men, but I love the play between masculine and feminine aesthetic.  I added this bracelet to my Christmas 2015 For Her board.  Photo courtesy}

The most genius thing since the invention of the Internet is the invention of Pinterest on the Internet.


I love Pinterest so.  If you follow me on Pinterest, you know this already, as my collection of pins is embarrassingly vast.  You know the old saying – if only I had a dollar for every link I pinned on Pinterest.  I love pinning photos of favorite destinations or places I’d love to visit.  When I need a short break in my day, scrolling through my Voyages board transports me for a few moments…if only in my head.IndiaPin

India, courtesy, found via Pinterest }


Camping pin, via Pinterest }


Chamonix pin, courtesy, found via Pinterest }

I reference my pins almost daily, for very practical purposes.  The boards I go to the most are my Cooking and Fitness pages.  I save all the recipes I find online that I want to try; when it’s time to plan meals and create a shopping list for the week, I go to my Cooking page.  That’s how we ended up eating this delicious side of Roasted Carrots and Mushrooms with our flank steak tonight.


Roasted Carrots & Mushrooms; Photo courtesy of – link to recipe on my Cooking board }

I also consult my Fitness board for my workouts.  I love to run, and since I had my son, I usually squeeze in my runs when he is asleep – which means I’m mostly working out on the treadmill in our basement.  This is especially true in the winter, since we live in the foothills of Colorado where it’s frequently very cold (not such a big deal) with icy roads (a bigger concern).  To stave off boredom, I research and pin different running routines of all different types and lengths.  I tried this one for the first time yesterday, and loved it:


See more of my pins below, and let’s follow each other on Pinterest!  Please visit my boards – I’d love to see what you’re pinning, too.

 From my Cooking board

From my Fitness board

From my Christmas 2015 For Her board

  • Drool-worthy earrings.  The perfect style I’d wear every single day.
  • A coat I desperately love, in black.  I live for sharp coats in the winter, and it’s the perfect mix of fashion and function.
  • An indulgent puffy vest in the best color

2 thoughts on “What I’m Pinning

  1. Gillian says:

    I love your Pinterest – I’ve followed you for *ever*. 🙂 I had a “Travel” board but it became too unwieldy, so now I’ve separated it out into separate countries. I think I have a Pinterest problem.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ~ carmen ~ says:

    Your pin about the tent is absolutely gorgeous. It is bringing out the wanderlust in me. :]

    // ▲ ▲


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