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{Photo from my yoga teacher graduation ceremony in 2010}

I love to write, and I enjoy social media, and it’s never been easier to publish your work for an audience.  Of course, it’s probably also never been more difficult to retain a committed readership.  Precisely because it’s so easy to post a blog or share your photos, the Internet is a very crowded, very loud place.  There’s a lot of content demanding our attention, and it’s easy and addictive to compulsively jump from page to page and link to link.

I enjoy keeping this blog, but I want to be careful about it.  When I spend too much time online or when I look at what other bloggers do to generate revenue and hits to their sites, I feel exhausted and inauthentic.  To paraphrase Wordsworth, the world begins to be too much with me.  Blogging is inherently a self-centered enterprise — by posting about yourself and your life, you’re assuming people are interested enough in you to care about what you think.  And at the next level, there may be hope that you are captivating enough to earn attention from brands and sponsors.  However, once you do that, are you being true to who you are and what you really love, or are you just a marketing outlet?  As a blogger, you bank on people being super interested in YOU – so how do you make sure you keep your you?

One of my favorite blogs is called Goldfish Kiss.  The writer, Rebekah Steen, has never courted many sponsorships and will be blatantly honest that she makes almost no money from her blog (she also has tons of awesome workout advice, fabulous bikini finds and an infectiously positive attitude).  Because of this, I trust her recommendations and can’t wait to read her posts.

By contrast, in the past several months, I’d begun seeing the same online shops — even the exact same dress — pop up in a handful of the fashion blogs I was following.  It was obvious the dress had been gifted to the bloggers (and it was awesome – don’t get me wrong!), and the designer had assumed it would become a trending item with all these girls wearing it across a variety of sites.  Somewhere in their posts, the women gave credit to the designer for giving them the dress (as you are required to do), but if you had just scanned the beautiful images on their sites, you wouldn’t notice that disclaimer.  Let me say that I understand everyone’s gotta pay the bills, and being a successful blogger can be a lucrative enterprise.  I’m impressed with the entrepreneurial drive demonstrated by the girls at the top.  I’m just saying it’s not for me.

As I was blogging daily in the latter part of 2015, I began putting pressure on myself that this should be a money-making enterprise — or else why was I doing it?  Which is funny, because even though I like expensive things, I’d never made choices based on how much money I would make (see: my teaching career).  I’d always done things because they were meaningful and contributed to the world, and because I’m a creative person who enjoys the process.  I realized I didn’t want to court big business to my blog the way I was watching other bloggers do.  It would be cool to make a few bucks here and there — when isn’t that cool? — but making this a business doesn’t excite me the way other opportunities in my life do right now.

When I went to my book club with some of my favorite friends (we’ve all known each other for going on 10-15 years), they asked about the blog.  Of course they noticed I hadn’t been posting — not only are these girls my friends, but also they are readers!  One of the women encouraged me to keep writing (thanks, Colette!), which made me reflect that I could still write and figure out what I want this space to look like as I go.  I’m gearing up for some small changes in my life over the next year, and it’s fun to document and process my life here.

Over the next week or so, I’d love to share some of my cool latest finds and what’s going on.  I may not post daily, but I’ll be writing daily and I’ll be sharing the shareworthy here.  See you again soon!

3 thoughts on “Reflection

  1. Mj Rowe says:

    Glad you are writing again! I missed you!


    1. lissa says:

      Thanks, MJ!


  2. Colette says:

    So glad to read your post! Stay true to yourself, it is why we love you!

    Liked by 1 person

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