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When I first began spotting the off-the-shoulder trend last year, I brushed it off immediately – I put it in the same category as crop tops (will they ever go away again?!).  I did not think the style would flatter me, and it looked uncomfortably high-maintenance.  Plus, these kinds of shirts are often billowy in the body, which has never been my thing.  Then I saw this Cecilie Copenhagen top on Matches Fashion last month, and I reconsidered.



I was so pleasantly surprised by this top, and even though we are in mid-February, I’ve worn it over a handful of times already — to book club, to cocktails, out to dinner.  I adore the cornflower blue color, and though the shape is boxy and loose, the cut flatters and prevents the excess fabric from overwhelming my frame.  After much resistance to the off-the-shoulder idea, this top is quickly becoming a staple in my wardrobe that will last throughout the spring and summer — I’m wearing it with flares now and will pair it with cropped denim or cutoffs as the weather warms.  Think about investing in one key piece that will update everything else you already own and make you feel like you’re of-the-moment, without purchasing an entirely new wardrobe.


Let’s also pause to note that my 3-year-old, who has recently started refusing to pose for photos with me, today insisted on sticking by my side for every photo my husband took of me for this post.  He also cried when we tried to photograph anywhere other than our back deck. Life with a threenager. There you have it – fashion AND family.

Outfit details: Cecilie Copenhagen topDL 1961 jeans; Joie boots; Krewe du Optic sunglasses

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