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I can’t remember where I first read about Olio E Osso balms – I just know it seemed that I went from never hearing of them to reading about them all over the Internets.  Though the balms aren’t widely available for purchase, that detail didn’t stop this intrepid beauty experimenter.  I am so happy I took the plunge and ordered the Olio E Osso Balm No. 2 from the company’s web site.  Creator Paola Lamorticella developed a clear, luscious balm from all-natural oils to treat her son’s sensitive skin.  From there, she branched to a handful of skin care products and a line of beautifully sheer colored balms that are suitable for cheeks or lips.  All products are handmade in small batches in Portland, Oregon (so very Portlandy!).


No. 2‘s pinky peach color (seductively named “French Melon”) is ideal for my fair-to-medium skin, but the simple range of colors offer ideal choices for every skin type.  Though it doesn’t show in pictures, this balm leaves a sheer wash of natural, dewy color, not sparkly at all, just fresh.  Below, I’m wearing the balm on my cheeks and lips; I used a blush brush to apply it to my cheeks, though you could easily use your fingertips.  For everyday, it’s so easy to put on some tinted sunscreen, mascara, this balm, and I’m good to go!  The balm’s convenience makes it perfect for travel, though it could melt in hot temps, so one must mind that detail!


Next, I’d like to try Paola’s first balm she created for her son, the No. 1, especially with the extremely dry days of winter looming ahead.  The Pre-Shave Oil will also make a luxurious stocking stuffer for my husband!

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